Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let's just keep attacking countries that aren't infested with al won't accomplish anything, but at least it won't be so darn hilly

Posted By: LisaRD (20780 posts) 01 Aug 2007 - 10:17 AM PT
Reply: RE: President Obama Would Invade Pakistan
Out of an unstable Iraq, into a Pakistan that would go into full rebellion if we went in. (Nevermind the fact it would be, I imagine, extraordinarily dangerous for troops because of the terrain--I'm envisioning "The Hills Have Eyes")

Sounds like a plan.

I hope he keeps talking.

Advice--FIRE your foreign policy advisor.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What, If Anything, Did George W. Bush Do on September 11, 2001?

  • The President and his spokespeople said that no one considered the possibility of terrorism after the first World Trade Center tower was hit. Which bald headed man wasn’t on the same page with that explanation?

  • A few months after attacks, a third grader asked George Bush a simple question about September 11. How many lies did the President tell the boy in his response? Hint: It was more than 10.
  • Why did George Bush think the attacks were over after the first two strikes on the World Trade Center?
  • The President was being videotaped for the entire time he sat in the Florida elementary classroom, but the national media evidently didn’t think the activities of the Commander-in-Chief during a terrorist attack were important enough to air. Is it possible they came to that conclusion on their own?

  • Andy Card said the President learned about the first attack 13 minutes later than the time given by Karl Rove. Why?

  • How many warnings of a possible attack did the White House receive before 9/11?

  • George Bush says he is proud of the decisions he made on September 11. Other than deciding to run away to Nebraska, what decisions did he make?

  • How long did it take George to order the military to defend the country? Was it before the attacks were over?

  • What did Condi Rice do at 9 am on the morning of 9/11?

  • What huge lie did George Bush tell the American people after he came out of hiding on September 11?

  • Ann Coulter thought Bush did a fine job on 9/11. What was her reasoning?

  • Why did the President think that no one would attack Americans before September 11? Why did he think no one could?

  • At what time did Donald Rumsfeld—the Secretary of Defense—say he became “situational aware” on 9/11?

  • Karen Hughes addressed the nation on the afternoon of 9/11. How many lies did she tell?

  • Many politicians said that the President did a good job handling the “aftermath” of 9/11. Which national figure complimented Bush on his performance “the day” of September 11?

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